January 25, 2003
Gretta in 1,000 words

Here's an excellent summary of Gretta Duisenberg's exploits.

(I'm still having routing problems which makes blogging difficult at the moment.)

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Here's a more factual and even-handed account from Ha'aretz (found while googling for a picture of the flag on the balcony). It gives a plausible context for the "6 million" Freudian slip, for example.

In another of Claire Berlinski's typical "let's stretch the truth to make a point" moves, she calls Wim Duisenberg "the most powerful man in Europe", which would no doubt strike Messrs. Schröder, Chirac, Blair, and so on as pretty funny.

Discovering another stupid leftist near European circles of power is a yawner, but finding a real anti-semite, now hold the presses, that's a good story!

Posted by: Kai Carver on January 27, 2003 12:35 AM
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