January 06, 2003
Blame the victim!

Gretta Duisenberg, the wife of European Central Bank president Wim Duisenberg is a fine example of the sophisticated European elite. Dripping with anti-semitism, she made the news in late 2002 when she made a despicable joke about the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. She's currently visiting her beloved Palestinian terrorist scum. After a visit to East Jerusalem, she blamed Ariel Sharon for the violence, claiming he's "provoking the Palestinians" and that his government is guilty of committing terror attacks.

Apparently she's a bit confused about what a terror attack is, but her Palestinian scum buddies can be counted on her refresh her memory. Shortly after she made those comments, the Palestinian vermin committed another terrorist atrocity: the deliberate and targeted murder of civilians in the most gruesome way they can pull off. That's terrorism. Undaunted, Duisenberg wasted no time in sinking even further into depths of moral depravity to join her Palestinian chums in the deepest cesspit of revolting moral disingenuity. The bodies of the murdered Israelis weren't even cold yet, the wounded were fighting for their lives in hospitals and she was already blaming Sharon. Not the subhuman Palestinian scumbags who murdered and maimed, but in true Euroweenie fashion she firmly blamed the Jewish victims. According to Gretta, Sharon has to "stop all that aggression."

Utterly, utterly despicable. At times like these I can fully identify with Steven Den Beste's emotional response, except that it extends to the likes of Gretta Duisenberg who are actively supporting this evil.

Wilders, a Dutch member of parliament for the Liberal Party (VVD) who is in Israel at the moment called Gretta Duisenberg's remarks "one-sided" and "disgusting." Speaking from Tel Aviv he said that "someone who a couple of hours after 26 people were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists points to Israel as the aggressor, is being one-sided and disgusting." I am glad to hear that there still are some European politicians willing to take a stance against this.

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