December 27, 2002
Slogging through the mire

Prominent Dutch idiotarian Mient-Jan Faber, the head of the IKV "peace movement," spoke at the silent procession at the World War II concentration camp Westerbork yesterday, despite protests from Jewish organizations. His speech was predictably, well, idiotarian. He claimed that the Netherlands is no longer a multicultural society (so far, so good). But why? Well, he asks himself how immigrants must feel in Dutch society, having been here all these years, and suddenly they're not part of it anymore:

"They've been in the Netherlands for years and now suddenly they're told tht their mosques are incubators for terrorism."
Eh, perhaps that's because their mosques ARE incubators for terrorism? It's not something that they're told, it's something they're actively doing with funding from Saudi Arabia. Islamic schools in the Netherlands preach hatred of the West and the Jews, again with Saudi funding. The fault lies not with Dutch society, but with those who preach hatred and call for the destruction of the infidels.

After the criticism that Jewish organizations had had about his speaking at the procession, Mient-Jan Faber also addressed the situation in the Middle East. He had previously called on Israel to get rid of its Jewish character, and now added these words to his record of shame and infamy:

"[...] both [the] Jewish and the Palestinian communities live in constant panicked fear. People yell at each other from fear and hate, but there is lack of a dialog. In the Netherlands too it is hard to have a good discussion about, as I have experienced again."
Yes, poor Faber is being held accountable for the idiocy he spews. Let's take this one at a time. The Jewish community lives in fear because the Palestinians are trying to murder as many of them as they possibly can. The Palestinians live in fear because the PLO is running a totalitarian police state where deviating from the official line means torture and death. Note the moral equivalence: Palestinians who deliberately murder civilians are put on the same moral basis as the Israelis who are trying to stop the Palestinian terrorists and take great care to avoid civilian casualties. Faber trudges even deeper into the swamp of moral equivalence: he claims people shout at each other from fear and hate. There's plenty of hate on the Palestinian and Arab side; after all, they've been trying to destroy the state of Israel for the last half century, and still see that as their ultimate goal. Arab and Palestinian official news media are reviving and recycling Nazi anti-semitic propaganda. They're actively fanning the flames of hate. Now, show me the equivalent of this hate on the Israeli side. There is none. Israeli newspapers and politicians don't call for the destruction of the Palestinians, they don't call on God to destroy the Muslims, they don't wish to eradicate them from the face of the earth.

If he'd had any credibility to begin with, Faber would have lost it now. But he's hit absolute zero a long time ago, in the days when we was Moscow's useful idiot during the cold war. Now he's Islamofascism's useful idiot. Quite a career.

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